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All Jobs were done personally by me. We never sub anything! Feel free to send us a comment at the bottom of this page, or ask any question you would like. (There are a lot of other jobs that I have done that are not here, yet...keep checking!)

This was a patio I did for a customer in Cranberry Twp. He had an epoxy. Notice how it yellowed and faded. I put down a Polyaspartic and give him a 50 year limited warranty. It won't fade, peel, chip, or yellow. It may need a new coat of clear in about 20 years or so. Other than that, it's completely care free! This was a referral from Kaclik Builders.


Here is a custom garage also in Cranberry Twp. It was stained then sealed with a Polyaspartic. It has a 20 year warranty. Yes, it will need another coat of clear then, if I am still alive and he's still there!!

Here is a garage in Sewickly Heights. The floor was completely eroded and needed resurfacing. We also painted the walls. What do you think?

Here is one of my favorites! It's a patio I did in Cranberry Twp. This was real tricky as it was done completely with Polyaspartic! The stuff dries in 15 minutes! You have to work fast! This is a real beaut, eh?

This was the very first garage I every did! Can you find the drain? It's still there and completely serviceable! This was done in Treesdale.

This was a 6 car garage in Treesdale for a very nice guy. He wanted a grey floor with blue and white flakes lightly dispersed. We call this a light broadcast. His wife liked the "Tuxedo" pattern. Can you guess who won?

Here is a garage I did for a very nice family in Diamond Run. Big Difference!